The Best Cornish Pasty

The Best Traditional Cornish Pasty 

For those of you looking for the World’s Best Cornish Pasty look no further. In 2020 our Traditional Cornish Pasty won us the World Championships for The World’s Best Cornish Pasty Company at the Eden Project, Cornwall. The pasty is a classic British Food staple and we are proud to produce the very best!

Why is our Cornish Pasty is the Best: 

So what makes our Traditional an award-winning Cornish Pasty? We use a higher meat content to most ‘standard pasties’ using 17.5% diced British Farm Assured beef. Our recipe is complete with the traditional ingredients of potatoes, swede and onion and seasoned with our own seasoning blend in a golden shortcrust pastry. Our pasties are hand-crimped and made in Cornwall.

A PGI Cornish Pasty must be made with only these ingredients, be side crimped and the traditional ‘D- Shape’. To be a ‘Cornish pasty’ it must also be made in Cornwall.

Making a true Traditional Cornish Pasty is not a feat to be taken lightly. There are many exacting standards to be followed :

Cornish Pasty Rules: 

The Best Cornish Pasty

A Genuine Cornish Pasty must comply with the current European Union Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) guidelines. These are:

  • A genuine Cornish pasty has a distinctive ‘D’ shape and is crimped to one side. 
  • The mandatory ingredients for the pasty filling are minced or roughly cut chunks of beef (not less than 12.5% of the whole pasty). Made with swede, potato and onion (the vegetables must be at least 25% of the whole pasty) and a light seasoning. These ingredients must all be uncooked at the time the pasty is sealed.
  • Small amounts of other optional additional ingredients are permitted to add succulence and flavour to the pasty or to aid processing. They must not alter the overall flavour profile created by the mandatory ingredients. The combined volume of processing aids and other additional ingredients must amount in total to no more than 5% of the filling, by weight, in the uncooked pasty.
  • The savoury shortcrust, rough puff or puff pastry casing is to be glazed using components of milk or egg or both to give a golden colour. It must be robust enough to retain its shape throughout the cooking and cooling process without splitting or cracking.
  • The whole Cornish Pasty is slow-baked to ensure that flavours from the raw ingredients are maximised. The constituent ingredients need to be discernible in appearance, taste and texture. The  fusion of the flavours arising from the cooking of the raw beef and vegetables creates a balanced and natural savoury taste throughout the product. 
  • No artificial flavourings or additives must be present in the filling of the cooked pasty.
  • The pasties must be made in Cornwall.

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