Our award-winning Traditional Cornish Pasties and Deep-Filled Pies, delivered straight to your door.


Welcome to our Phat at Home site – this is a dedicated on-line shop for members of the public to buy our Award Winning Phat Pasties and Pies, delivered by courier, to your home.

We started our business delivering pasties to local businesses back in 2006 from the back of our Phat Van and working from our home kitchen. We now supply many of the UK’s largest food operators as well as local cafes, restaurants and deli’s – so now you can have our products delivered to you direct, to go straight to your freezer and bake-off whenever you are feeling peckish. Enjoy ! The Phat Controllers

NEW Gluten Free Pies

You asked us – so, we have partnered with a Gluten Free bakery to produce a range of Gluten free Pies…Covering British Steak Pie, Chicken, Ham Hock & Leek Pie and a Plant-based Mushroom Bourguignon Pie, now everybody can enjoy one of our Premium Pies delivered to your door.
Made with Gluten Free pastry and Coeliac compliant these are a great Pie that everybody can enjoy.