World Champions 2022

World Pasty Champions 2022…and this time with a Vegan, meat-free Pasty!

Yes, we certainly caused a stir entering our Phat Peppered Steak-Less Pasty into the World Pasty Championships held at Eden – winning the Company Savoury Pasty Award.
This is a first in the Competitions 10 year history…what, a Vegan Pasty !

Our Peppered Steak-Less is a NEW addition to our growing family of plant-based pasties and was based on our Peppered Steak recipe, but now without the meat!.
Using pea protein it’s highly nutritious and also a fully stainable pasty. The same great flavour with a meat-free option for both people following vegan lifestyle and those looking to reduce the amount of meat that they consume.

We love it and entered it to see what the judges thought…and it WON !