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Mission Phat Pasty: Bring Cornish pasties to hungry people. Eat Well. Have Fun!

I’m hungry. Feed me.

The Phat Pasty Company are proud to present: Phat at Home

In 2006 we set off on a mission to bring our beloved Cornish pasties to the poor souls trapped in an office while the rest of us were surfing. So we jumped in our van and never looked back (except when reversing). One thing led to another and now we are delivering our edible works of magic to hungry people all over the country. Word soon spread. After that, even offices weren’t big enough to contain the growing love for our Phat delights. As a consequence, we had dedicated pasty lovers asking for Phat deliveries to their homes. In short, we now have Phat at Home. Traditional Cornish pasties and pies…delivered to your door. And don’t forget our award-winning vegan and vegetarian pasty ranges.

Did you catch us on ‘ITV Love Your Weekend’ with Alan Titchmarsh !….Some great comments on our Keralan, Cauliflower, Chickpea & Onion Bhaji pasties…ITV Love Your Weekend- Phat Pasty Co

And it’s not just pasties – We also have a fabulous Phat Premium Pie Range

Phat Pies – Winners of the British Pie Awards – Britains best Pub Pie 2023 !
A whole range of premium pies that we sell in Pubs and Restaurants across the country are also available for you to enjoy at home..

Warm, full bellies and happy mothers

Phat at Home: where traditional meets technology to promote happy, warm and full bellies across the nation. Pasties hand-made in Cornwall by our Phat Chefs, to our favourite recipes. Phat Taster tested, using the best ingredients (so our mums approve).

Ready to place an order for a Phat at Home Cornish pasty or pie? Click the ‘I’m hungry. Feed me’ button and start shopping.

Deep filled pies and cornish pasties from Phat at Home - Camper Van

How we started – Cornish pasties

“We LOVE pasties!”

That is to say, family and holidays in Cornwall inspired us to bring fabulous Cornish pasties to the masses. We started at our kitchen table, with pasties made in Cornwall. Subsequently, we set about delivering and supplying pasties in our quirkly Phat van, to businesses and at events.

Customers loved our products and funky surf-inspired brand. Now we have created a range of traditional, vegetarian and vegan pasties and pies, available everywhere in the UK (thank you, internet). And now we can serve everyone a Phat slice of heaven.

What we do

The Phat Pasty Co is about bringing the best quality, authentic products to our customers. And with traditional recipes and special ‘flavours with a twist’ we will always delight your taste buds. Traditional meat fillings, vegetarian options and a fabulous vegan range.

We have now created Phat At Home. In other words, a dedicated site for customers who want our pasties and pies delivered to their home. Imagine that?! A Phat pasty at home. If only you could smell words on a screen, you would be hypnotised by the aroma of the Cornish pasty in the oven as I type. That is to say, more accurately…Aromatised!

Insulated eco packaging – New 100% vegan packaging options.

Our products are delivered to you in an fully biodegradable and re-cycleable insulated box with ice packs by courier.

We feel strongly about our environment and whilst the packaging costs us a little more, we believe it is worth it!

NEW – In 2021 we become the first pasty company to supply our vegan range products in 100% vegan packaging / insulation. Made using ‘Cemp’ this insulation is a great addition to our business and ensure we can maintain a fully ‘ethically’ sourced packaging solution for all of our customers. Created using 100% plant fibres, no polyester, no sequins, no surprises, just natural fibre. Using elements that are recyclable, reusable, compostable and/or biodegradable, we only want to offer truly sustainable solutions. To ensure our Cemp solution is completely food safe we have also developed our liners to include BioMaster protective technology.

Pasties are delivered raw / unbaked and pre-glazed. On arrival put them straight into the freezer and they are ready to bake-off in your oven for a tasty snack or meal.

Aromatise me! Take me to the shop…
pies and cornish pasties vw camper on beach
award winners pies and cornish pasties. Phat at Home winning award

How we do it

Using the finest ingredients, locally sourcing as much as we can and supporting British farmers, our pasties are hand-crimped in the bakery in Cornwall. This ensures we bring to your table authentic and artisan products.

We were thrilled when our Phat Traditional Cornish Pasty was Crowned as Cornish Pasty Company Champion at the Eden Project World Pasty Championships in February 2020.

Vegetarian & vegan pasties and pies

With the increasing growth and interest in plant-based and meat-free products, we also have both vegan and vegetarian pasties and pies within the range. Our Keralan Cauliflower, Chickpea & Onion Bhaji vegan pasty won Gold in 2020 and overall runner up along with our 3 Vegan pasties all winning awards.
In September 2021 our Phat Lye Cross Cheese & Onion Pasty (Seriously Cheesy) Won the Champion Pasty at the British Pie Awards!.

When you place an order with us, you can be assured of ‘World Class’ Award Winning pasties and pies!

The Phat Mothership

Phat at Home is a direct descendant of The Phat Pasty Company. And that’s true thoroughbread pasty genes. As the Phat Pasty Co., we supply many of the UK’s cafes, restaurants, universities, theme parks and pubs across the country. If you are a food service operator and would like to sell our products, take a look at our full range. Visit our Phat Pasty web site The Phat Pasty Company

Here you will find details of our wholesale partners and our great branded support packages.

Our Charity & Corporate Responsibility Principles

In 2019 we adopted an amazing Charity as a Corporate Partner. We pledged that for every vegan pasty and pie that we sell, we will make a donation. The Word Forest Organisation are a small UK-based Charity who plant trees, support communities and build classrooms in Kenya.

Kate Winslet has narrated a short film about the wonderful work that they do and you can see this on their page at treesarethekey.com.  This Charity also upholds the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN #globalgoals which is in line with our social responsibility objectives.

More information about the Charity is also available on www.wordforest.org You can also purchase fabulous e-cards to support the charity at https://ecards.wordforest.org

Supplier Members of the Soil Association

We are proud to be Supplier Members of the Soil Association and use sustainable palm oils. In addition, we ensure ingredients are ethically sourced and use British Farm Assured meats wherever possible.  See https://www.soilassociation.org/

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